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Crescent Subsea Engineering inspects, repairs and maintains offshore platforms and subsea assets for its clients. Providing commercial diving and marine services around the globe, including platform and pipeline service, well repair, plug and abandonment, Subsea inspection, construction and marine salvage. With more than three decades of operational experience, world-class personnel who are dedicated to your project’s success, and one of the best safety records in the business.

These operations require divers or ROV intervention depending on the working depth or on the type of subsea structures. At the core of all of Crescent Subsea Engineering’s activities is the commitment to Health, Safety and Quality Management. Ongoing reviews, internal auditing, inspection, communication, and training of personnel combine to ensure that safety and quality standards are continuously monitored and improved. This is done to effectively manage the evolving challenges provided by the global offshore oil and gas-working environment.

We have an extensive track record in the implementation of large turnkey contracts and the arrangement of related international financing on behalf of our clients. We work with partners from all parts of the globe and implement a global procurement policy that enables Crescent Subsea to obtain the most competitive prices on the international market. We are thus in a position to fulfill the expectations of operators wanting to entrust the largest possible range of services to a single contractor able to manage all aspects of a major project at optimized cost.

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