About us


Crescent Subsea Engineering is customer focused, safety conscious, service oriented, well managed, and proactive—above all else— It is a company that cares about customers, employees, community and the environment.

As we grow the company, we will never lose sight of the attributes that have brought us to our current success. We are committed to maintaining the level of excellence that our customers expect of us—and we expect of ourselves.

Crescent Subsea Engineering’s diving represents an important aspect of the companies’ commitment to its client’s needs. Employing a hugely experienced team with an enviable reputation within the industry, Crescent Subsea will ensure that clients continue to benefit at all stages of a project, from professional commercial advice & design through to delivery.

Crescent Subsea Engineering provides personnel,vessels and marine /subsea construction activities for the Oil and Gas Industry. The environment in which we operate is recognised as one of the most hazardous, harsh and unforgiving. The Company standard “TARGET ZERO” is the focus and attitude of our personnel.

Our entire operation is organised to ensure our business is conducted safely. Personnel are well trained and highly motivated, equipment is correctly designed and well developed procedures are key to safely conducting our daily operations.

We are constantly vigilant to ensure risks are identified and removed or mitigated in our work places.
We have a strong inherent safety culture and are committed to being injury free.